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What isAstria?

Astria AI gives users access to an AI model that has been trained using a set of user-provided photos. You can use the service to create graphics using text prompts with a cap of 500 prompts for a one-time fee of $5. Although the user can delete this model at any moment, it is only maintained for one month. With a revised pricing structure, the user can also utilize the model for longer than 30 days. The model can be trained for more than one individual, and the augment button enables the user to automatically extend the question.

Is Astria Free?

completely free!

What can I do with Astria?

Astria AI provides an AI model trained using a set of images provided by the user. For a one-time payment of $5, the service allows you to generate images using textual prompts with a limit of 500 prompts. This model is kept for 1 month, however, the user can delete it at any time. Additionally, the user can extend the model beyond 30 days with a new pricing model. The augment button allows the user to extend the prompt automatically and the model can be trained for more than one person.

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